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By Serena Wong | 08 October 2021 | 0 Comments

Tutorial on Pearl Bead Bracelet

This bracelet uses beautiful white and purple pearls as the main material, and the color scheme is very sweet. It is very suitable for self-wearing or giving to girlfriends. The production is very simple, let's take a look.

Main Materials:
(1) Irregular 10mm Pearl, White
(2) Eco-Friendly Copper Jewelry Wire, Long-Lasting Plated, 26 Gauge, 0.4mm
(3) Flower Enamel Alloy Pendant, Light Gold, 15x12x3mm, Hole: 1.4mm
(4) Zinc Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps, Cadmium Free & Lead Free, Golden, 12x6mm, Hole: 1.2mm
(5) Iron Jump Rings, Open Jump Rings, Golden, 4~10x0.7~1mm, about 2.6~8mm Inner Diameter

1. Prepare a 70cm long copper wire of 0.4mm wide, put a cable thimble on it
2. Add purple pearl beads to each piece of wire

1. Stroke the copper wires on both sides together and add the white pearls
2. Repeat nine times (the last time don't add white pearl)

1. Add a spacer beads to make an end
2. Cut the excess thread and stabilize the tail

Four, Add bead tips on the end.

1. Add extender chain on the end
2. Add lobster clasps on the head

Seventh, Add a small flower charm at the middle of the bracelets

Now a sweet and cute bracelet is ready, put it on on a date or give it to your girlfriend.

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