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By Doris Qin | 15 September 2021 | 0 Comments

Tutorial on Natural Wood Bead Bracelet

This wooden bead bracelet captures the subtle hues of the countryside in autumn. I love the colors of these wood beads and polyester cord, they are simple, solemn yet elegant, hope you guys like them too.

Supplies Needed:
Natural Wood Beads
0.45mm Waxed Polyester Cord
1mm Korean Waxed Polyester Cord
Wooden Leaf Pendant
Beading Needle

Step 1:
1st, cut a certain length of 1mm polyester cord as needed for a bracelet, burn the ends of the cord with a lighter, string the cord through the leaf pendant;
2nd, tie a knot as the picture shows;  
3rd, cut a certain length of 0.45mm polyester cord as needed for a bracelet, tie a dead knot on 1mm cord and cut the extra cord, thread the thinner cord through a needle and warp it around the other cord;
4th, repeat wrapping the thin cord around the other cord.  

Step 2:
1st, string a wood bead through the thinner cord;
2nd, thread the thin cord through the wood bead, place the bead between the thick cord;  
3rd, repeat the first step;
4th, repeat the second step.  

Step 3:
1st, continue to add more wood beads´╝Ť
2nd, repeat wrapping till the bracelet is long enough;  
3rd, wrap the thin cord around the other cord, then seal the cord with a lighter;
4th, tie two knots, add a wood bead and then tie a knot on each end of the thick cord.  

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