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By Doris Qin | 28 September 2021 | 0 Comments

Tutorial on Lovely Beaded Bowknot Ring

Bowknots are often used for dresses, shoes, hair ties and gift boxes, but have you ever thought of a bowknot ring? Today I make a beaded bowknot ring with seed beads and pearl beads. The seed beads have beautiful metallic colors, and the pearl beads add an elegant look to the jewelry design.

Supplies Needed:
2.3mm Dyed Glass Seed Beads
2.1mm Freshwater Pearl Beads
0.3mm Copper Jewelry Wire
Jewelry Pliers

Step 1:
1st, string four green glass beads through a jewelry wire, then string one end of the wire through the beads;
2nd, string three green glass beads through one end of the wire, and string the other end through the beads;  
3rd, add two more beads like before;
4th, continue adding one more bead.  

Step 2:
1st, repeat the previous steps to make the other part of the bowknot;
2nd, slide pearl beads through both ends of the wire;  
3rd, string the wire through the bowknot;
4th, wrap the wire around the bowknot, then cut the extra wire.

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